Our Team

Charles Holmes Managing Director

Charles Holmes
Managing Director

Mr Charles Holmes is an avid technologist who started bitcoin mining in late 2014 and has spent nearly a decade operating cutting-edge businesses whilst educating clients on innovations and their use cases. Mr Holmes’ tenacity and enthusiasm has brought together a “Dream Team” of elite consultants to provide 4th Industrial Revolution solutions for modern business.

Daniel Stacey Non-Executive Director

Daniel Stacey
Non-Executive Director

A passionate entrepreneur with a particular interest in business development, innovation and strategy. Also a director at a specialist tour operator, where he has helped lead his sector into a market leader. This experience along with completing an MBA, has given Dan an excellent insight into running and growing a business. He will be using his position and contacts within the travel industry to help implement smart contract solutions.

Jonathan Huxtable Lead Dev Consultant

Jonathan Huxtable
Lead Dev Consultant

Mr Jonathan Huxtable has a professional passion for Automation and Smart Contracts which has blossomed over the last 14 years into a wide-ranging skillset. As a Lead Developer he has utilised Infrastructure-As-Code, Cloud Services, and multiple programming and markup languages, to create and implement reliable and maintainable automated efficiencies that offer succinct feedback, confidence and quality.

Nick Tuckwood Marketing Consultant

Nick Tuckwood
Marketing Consultant

Mr Nick Tuckwood has over 11 years of experience focused on integrating the latest digital technologies and platforms with effective marketing strategies to enhance business growth. Working in multiple sectors, both client and agency side, Mr Tuckwood has thrived in fast moving environments leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver marketing initiatives which incorporate effective storytelling.

Sam Birkhead Infrastructure Consultant

Sam Birkhead
Infrastructure Consultant

Mr Sam Birkhead is an Infrastructure Analyst with extensive knowledge relating to the transition of new systems into service, service management, and efficiency design and implementation. Over the last 10 years Mr Birkhead has accrued skills and experience vital to the creation of interoperable systems and their delivery, as well as in cloud services, and the integration of new technology with legacy software or hardware.

Paul Wealls IoT Consultant

Paul Wealls
IoT Consultant

Mr Paul Wealls has 18 years of extensive knowledge in Technology Sales and Strategy while concurrently nurturing his experience in Product Management over the last 5. His unbridled passion for IoT, Big Data, AI carrier data services and Automation have created an unmatched skillset when hardware deployment is a necessity. Mr Wealls utilises DevRel strategies to enable API driven businesses to modernise.

Thomas Hodges Audit Consultant

Thomas Hodges
Audit Consultant

Mr Thomas Hodges has close to 15 years of extensive experience working in various IT roles throughout differing industries. Mr Hodges’ focus for the last 2 years has been creating, auditing and testing custom smart contracts, with further provision of educational and technical documentation. This valuable knowledge enables identification of vulnerabilities and improvements utilising the latest tooling to automate code analysis.

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